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Pixar has always been known for it’s varied animated children’s films. From Toy Story to finding Nemo, these wildly successful films have been popular not only with children but with parents too. However WALL*E is something of a different Pixar film, it’s more of a lighthearted adventure for the parents, more than it is for the kids.

In the same guise as the old black and white films akin to Charlie Chaplin, WALL*E manages to be funny without a single line of dialouge for more than half the film. Some people might not enjoy this, but then again some people still listen to viynl records instead of CDs. For me it was a fun refreshing experience to have a dialoge absent-film for once instead of a poorly written one; which seems like there have been ample supply.

One thing to say about WALL*E is that all the empty space left for dialogue is prime for the little children in the theater to somehow sound louder than normal. This can be distracting since the only voice is robotic and synched and not based on an actual human’s voice. When WALL*E does speak, it is usually one line or one word so if you miss it due to loud children, you’re sunk for the entire joke. Thankfully the other end of the sword for having little dialogue is that if you do miss the spoken cue, if you’re paying attention you’ll catch the visual aspect of the joke and it will be just as funny.

Some of the best jokes are hidden away in WALL*E, and you don’t need a list of easter eggs to find them either. One of the first jokes that any Apple fan will catch is the Macintosh boot-up fanfare when WALL*E finishes charging. I swear to God I was the only person in the theater who was laughing when I heard that. The other very prominent series of jokes is from 2001: A Space Odyssey and while I won’t spoil any of them for you, just be sure to be paying attention and you’ll get them. They are pretty well placed.

The only issue I have with this fantastic film is that during the movie you’ll see live-action humans alongside cartoon-CG humans. I never understood the reasoning for having the two types of people, and it’s really jarring if you catch it. However, this little inconsistency is quickly overshadowed with well-placed story and humor. If you catch it, it’ll bother you; most people will never notice. With all that said, the $8 you pay for the matinee to see WALL*E is probably the best movie bargain you’ll be able to find right now. You won’t regret it, it’s a great children’s movie with tons of draw for the older audiences too.


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