“The Battle” CD Review

July 21, 2008 at 9:24 pm Leave a comment

Russell Allen + Jorn Lande

Russell Allen + Jorn Lande

If you’re like me, you like rock and metal, but you’re tired of all the same sounding tracks that most American bands face today. In response, I turn to a duet album featuring Jersey’s Russell Allen, and the storm-voiced Norwegian metal master Jorn Lande.

Unlike most traditional metal you might like, both Allen and Lande have a very methodical approach to the genre and many of their projects have been labeled “Power Metal” or “Melodic Metal” since shredding guitars take a backseat to their powerful voices and overlaying rhythms and sounds that rise above all the mediocre radio play you’ve ever heard.

This may sound wild, fanboyish and sensationalist to any mainstream rock or metal listener that is reading this. I assure you that the production values and vocal quality demonstrated on this album are far above anything I’ve heard in today’s scene in the same genre.

For only 7.99 available on iTunes or Amazon MP3, this is a great bargain and I can’t recommend the album enough.


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